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Beer Review: Alexander Keith’s Hop Ale

I will be perfectly honest, I am looking forward to trying these beers. It shows how far the craft beer industry has come because the big brewers are now starting to pay attention. However, for […]

Apr, 10 · in Beer,Review

Beer Review: Fat Tug IPA by Driftwood Brewery

Driftwood Brewery, Victoria, BC 650ml @7% abv Fat Tug is an IPA from the Victoria that I was lucky to find on a recent trip out west. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this […]

Feb, 21 · in Beer,Review

Beer Review: Hop Devil Ale

Victory Brewing, Downingtown, PA 12oz @6.7% abv Trading beer is fun, travelling to drink beer is even better. HopDevil is another one of those gifts-for-myself I brought back from a trip. HopDevil is an American IPA […]

Dec, 14

Beer Review: Farmery Premium Lager

Farmery Co., Manitoba, Canada 355ml @5% abv In the last year or two there has been a lot of press and excitement about The Farmery – to my knowledge the first estate brewery in Canada […]

Dec, 09

Beer Review: Fort Garry St Nick’s Oaked Spiced Porter

Fort Garry Brewing, Manitoba, Canada 650ml @6.5% abv Here’s a new(ish) one from Winnipeg’s Fort Garry brewing, shown here in a Half Pints glass because I don’t have one for Winnipeg’s oldest brewery. I didn’t […]

Nov, 27

Beer Review: Half Pints’ Isolator

Half Pints Brewing Co., Manitoba, Canada 650ml @8.6% abv It’s beer release day at Half Pints! As is traditional Colin & I went to the brewery this morning and picked up our supply of their […]

Nov, 17

Beer Review: Brewdog Tokyo*

Brewdog, Fraserburgh, Scotland 330ml@18.2% abv I’m not one to think that stronger beers are always tastier or that weaker beers always taste worse, but there’s something extremely intriguing about an 18.2% beer. Needless to say, when […]

Nov, 08



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